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Tiny Living Dead Character Creation

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Creating your Survivor is a quick and easy process. You don’t necessarily need to follow this specific order, but it serves as a nice outline.Image result for zombie survivors
• Then select three unique Traits from the Trait list.
• Select a Weapon Group to be proficient with.
• Select a Weapon Type to Master from your select weapon group.
• Select Background.
• Each starting Survivor has 6 Hit Points.
• Select Belief.
• This next part is going to be the hardest, because these aren’t options you select from a list. You’re going to want to name your Survivor and give him or her a little bit of a backstory. And, decide their look.




Acrobat: It’s up there? No problem! You gain Advantage when Testing
to do acrobatic tricks such as tumbling, long- distance jumps, climbing,
and maintaining balance.
Armor Master: Your paltry weapons cannot pierce my steel suit! You haveRelated image
mastered wearing armor like a second skin. When wearing any form
of armor, you have an extra 3 Hit Points, that must be lost before you
take physical damage. This Hit Points cannot be healed, and must be
restored via repairing your armor. Repairs take a full 8 hours to do.
Barfighter: Funny how you always fancy yourself a drink, right on Unification day.
You can select Improvised Weapons as a Weapon
Group. You do not get to pick a Weapon to Master.
(House Rule: Also, Gain an extra attack ONLY with Improvise
Weapon, but if you roll TWO 1s on dice... weapon breaks/lost)
Berserker: RAAAAAGH! When attacking with a Melee Weapon,
you can choose to make an attack with Disadvantage. If you do and
succeed, you deal an extra point of damage (2 damage from Light
Melee or 3 damage from Heavy Melee).
Born Fighter: I’m always ready for a fight. When combat starts, you
may immediately take 1 Turn (2 Actions) before initiative is rolled.
Brawler: Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. If you Image result for zombie survivors
are fighting Unarmed, you Evade with 2d6 (instead of 1d6).
Charismatic: I can get what I want without even asking. You gain
Advantage when attempting to convince someone of something or
otherwise influence them.
Chemist: This radioactive sludge removes the Z-Virus. It’s also great on
salads. Provided the right reagents and recipes, you can mix medicine,
elixirs, and poisons. You also gain Advantage when identifying
unknown liquids.
Cleave: I will bathe in the blood of enemies! If your attack drops an
enemy to 0 Hit Points, you may immediately make an extra attack
with Disadvantage.
Dark-fighter: Who needs eyes, when I have all the other senses? You do
not suffer Disadvantage for having your sight impaired.
Detective: I always get my man, woman, or alien. When searching for
clues as to an identity, whereabouts, or motives, you gain Advantage.

Diehard: I’m not going down that easy. When an attack would reduce
you to 0 Hit Points, it instead reduces you to 1 Hit Points. You can do
this once per day.
Doctor: I’ve seen worse, son. You’ll pull through. As an Action, you can
Test 2d6 to heal a creature other than yourself. If the Test is successful,
the target creature is healed for 2 Hit Points. This Trait can also be
used to cure poison, disease, and other physical ailments that are nonmagical.
You must be next to the creature to heal it.
(House Rule: can treat Wound Traits, eventual removing them.
DEPENDING on wound. )
Educated: I didn’t go to academy for four years for nothing. You gainRelated image
Advantage when checking to see if you know specific information.
Eidetic Memory: You remember that guy in that city? Who did that thing?
I remember exactly what he said. When Testing to recall information,
you have seen or heard previously—even in passing—you succeed on
a roll of 4, 5, or 6.
Familiar: Does you dog bite?
For as long as you can remember, you have never truly been alone. Another
spirit has linked itself to yours, accepting you as its friend and master.
(See Magic in Tiny Dungeon 2e; pg. 8)
Fleet of Foot: Running away is always a valid option. Your speed
increases from 25 feet to 30 feet.
Insightful: Stop pulling my leg… You gain Advantage when Testing to
discern whether someone is telling the truth or lying.
Lucky: Whew! That was close. You may reroll one Test per session.
Marksman: The odds of hitting your target increase dramatically when
you aim at it. When using the Focus Action, your next attack with a
Ranged Weapon is successful on a Test of 3, 4, 5, or 6.
Martial Artist: Be like water, flowing through cracks. You gain Unarmed
as a Weapon Group to be proficient with (in addition to your starting
Proficiencies). You do not gain an additional Mastered Weapon for
this proficiency. Once per day, you may reroll a failed Unarmed Attack
or Evade Test.
Nimble Fingers: Now you see it, now you don’t! You gain AdvantageRelated image
when Testing to pick locks, steal, or do slight-of-hand.
Opportunist: One man’s failure is another man’s opening to stab the idiot who
failed. If an enemy within range fails to hit with an attack against you, you
may immediately make an attack with Disadvantage against that enemy.

Perceptive: What has been seen cannot be unseen. You gain Advantage
when Testing to gain information about your surroundings or find
things that may be hidden. You gain this even while asleep.
Quick Shot: Pew, pew, pew! You are able to reload a Ranged Weapon
and fire it in one Action, if it runs out of ammo.
Resolute: I will not be a casualty of fear. You gain Advantage on all Save Tests.
Shield Bearer: I’ve got you covered. While wielding a shield, Test with
2d6 on Evade Actions instead of 1d6. If you choose this Trait, your
Survivor gains a shield at Survivor creation.
Sneaky: Who me? Of course, I wasn’t there... You gain Advantage when
Testing to hide or sneak around without others noticing you.
Strong: Stand back, I’ll kick it in! You gain Advantage when Testing to
do something with brute force.
Survivalist: These berries are safe to eat… I think. You gain Advantage when
Testing to forage for food, find water, seek shelter, or create shelter in the
Tough: I have not journeyed all this way because I am made of sugar candy.
You gain 2 additional Hit Points.
Tracker: These prints are fresh. He went that way. You gain Advantage
when Testing to track a person, creature, or an animal in the wilderness.
While outside, you can also locate true north without Testing.
Trapmaster: It’s a trap! You gain Advantage when Testing to create,
locate, and disarm traps. You also gain Advantage on Save Tests against
Vigilant: Better to stay ready than to get ready. You gain Advantage on
Initiative Tests.


Background or Family Background

Image result for left 4 dead movie posters

You’re going to want to name your Survivor
and give him or her a little bit of a backstory. Going along with that backstory,
another reality is you probably weren’t born a Survivor. No,
really. You weren’t. Unless you were born to a family of Survivors,
growing up, you were probably exposed to a Family Trade. Perhaps
you learned your way around a science lab from your father, who was

a chemist (and one of his experiments is how the outbreak started).
Maybe your mother was a billionaire, and your business know-how
is part of why the family company keeps you around (and gains
you access to all those wonderful toys). Maybe YOU were a soldier before
the outbreak. Decide how you came into
your background; any situation where that knowledge might
apply can give you Advantage on Tests where you can put it to use.
Your Game Master will help decide how it will be applicable during





BELIEFImage result for left 4 dead movie posters


    Finally, Survivors all have a driving principle called a Belief that you will
want to write down. This Belief is a simple statement used as a guiding
force for your Survivor. Your Belief may be, “I’ll always find a diplomatic
solution,” “Money can buy happiness,” or “I let my fists do the talking.”
This Belief is not etched in stone and can be changed or added to with the
approval of your Game Master.




Example Survivors


  1. Skylar Patterson
  2. Hope
  3. Gavin Reed
  4. Kyou Fukui
  5. Nathan Velázquez
  6. Trixie Bellerose




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